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Fears of Lana Del Rey – Season of the Witch Lyrics Meaning


Lana Del Rey – Season of the Witch Lyrics Meaning

Lana Del Rey is a trending personality these days. She has released a new song for a movie ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Season of the Witch’ song by Lana Del Rey!


Due to the fact that her new album is on its way, the fans are consuming everything she has to offer. Her tweets, Instagram posts, and stories are observed for the subtle teases from her new album.

According to Genius Lyrics, Lana Del Rey announced ‘Season of the Witch’ through her social media on 5th of August, 2019. The song features Lana’s breathy low register and higher vocals drowned in reverb.

If you are a new Lana Del Rey fan, we have picked our 10 Best Lana Del Rey Songs! Now, let’s walk through the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Season of the Witch’ by Lana Del Rey.

Season of the Witch Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Season of the Witch’ by Lana Del Rey section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Here, Lana Del Rey is trying to portray a different side in every human being.

Whenever Lana looks outside, there are many things for her to see. Life shows its colorful side to her. However, whenever she looks inside herself, she sees multiple sides of herself.

This contradiction has convinced Lana Del Rey to believe that people aren’t as colorful as they seem to be. There could be multiple versions of the same person.


In the lyrics from Pre-Chorus of ‘Season of the Witch’ by Lana Del Rey, she correlates the meaning of the first verse.

Lana Del Rey says people are very strange. They seem to be someone they are not!

This confusing human trait must have led to the uncountable number of heartbreaks. The only way to be safe from this phenomenon is to know that people are always changing.


In the lyrics from the Chorus section of ‘Season of the Witch by Lana Del Rey, there is a hidden meaning to the song.

It is true that people change constantly. This could break us apart. However, we have to be ready to accept the change. The change cannot be predicted.

The best possible solution could be to stay unattached with people. The pain could make you believe it is the ‘Season of the Witch’. But you should always be ready to stitch your breaking heart.

[Verse 2]

The second verse has so much to offer. The meaning behind the lyrics in the second verse of ‘Season of the Witch’ by Lana Del Rey is very poetic.

Lana Del Rey is known for having a wide range of sexual taste. She likes being a version of an uncommitted “bad girl”.

However, when she is sad, she doesn’t necessarily get the pleasure she needs. Instead, when she looks over her shoulder, she sees a non-existing black cat staring at her.

The vibe matches with ‘Venice Bitch’ by Lana Del Rey.


As we know, Lana Del Rey is a very poetic person. Even though she didn’t write this song, her poetic taste has led her to sing a song by Donovan.

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Read “Season of the Witch” by Lana Del Rey on Genius in detail.


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