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Do You Need No One or Everyone or Both? Halsey – Clementine Lyrics Meaning


Halsey – Clementine Lyrics Meaning

The song is called ‘clementine’, which is a Mediterranean fruit that LOOKS like an orange. It looks like an orange, but it is not one. There is so much confusion but we do not know what “Clementine” means from Halsey’s perception. So, Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Clementine” by Halsey.

Clementine also happens to be the name of a fascinating character played by Kate Winslet in the celebrated movie called ‘Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind’. The character admits at one point in the movie that she is a messed-up girl, as inconsistent as her whacky hair colors throughout the movie.


Inconsistent, paradoxical, ironical and contradictory – these adjectives go beautifully with this song by Hasley. We are all a bundle of contradictions, aren’t we? Irony and paradox are a couple of words that could be used to define most of us and our lives. We are vulnerable, we are paradoxical, we are strong, we don’t need anyone; we DON’T need anyone and yet sometimes we would not mind snuggling in a comforting embrace and feeling protected.

Halsey’s new song feels like velvet or honey to the ears. Because of the way she has sung it, yes; but more because of the way we relate with the lyrics.

Clementine Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Clementine” by Halsey section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Halsey says her sky is not blue. Thank goodness for that! Sky not being blue could mean lesser blues to deal with. It’s violet rain – it is a berserk bohemian place, where even nature does not go by the regular rules. In her world, the people do not know her name and yet boys and girls keep calling out to her. The singer is constantly on a journey, standing tall (7 feet to be precise) getting her breakthroughs and reaching milestones.

Yet, she has her share of breakdowns, she falls and cries or is lost in the labyrinth of the world, losing also her sanity, in her own graveyard, if only for brief intervals. Halsey is an enigmatic person who tries to be an open book, revealing her dreams, ideas, and thoughts even if they do not make much sense to the outer world. She is offering her curious unusual self to you, for you to spend some beautiful time with her.


Halsey does not need anyone, no one at all because she is complete by herself, firm and resolute. And yet she is intermittently so vulnerable that all the care and support in the world would not be enough for her. This is the underlying message in the whole song as it keeps ringing in the form of the chorus.

[Verse 2]

The singer enters a reverie, a psychedelic journey of sorts where she imagines she was the blood in veins. Imagining her fingers to be having distinct identities of themselves and imagining how someone felt her fingers when her fingers would be feeling them. She gets goosebumps when she is thrilled, which is an acknowledgment of the other person’s presence that comforts her or makes her uncomfortable, we can only guess. But we know that the other person is as vulnerable as her when he blushes.

Blushing, such a beautiful mark of being human! She admires the fact that the other person does have the ability to blush. Happy that the other person is as human as her, she has left her shoes behind so that she could be carried by him. Yes, she needs no one at all and yet she needs someone just as much. Carry her through her trials and tribulations and lend her the comfort that she has been yearning for.


Spiderwebs have settled on her face. She has not been cared for, and she is old; as old as perhaps time itself. And yet through the cobwebs, she can see the other person; and all she can manage to think of is the person she has just had an encounter with. She feels like she has eyes only for this one person. Halsey has come a long way from a point where she was used to getting anxious if her previous love interest could live without her forever.

Why is she so enamored with him (probably G-Eazy), you might as well ask, especially when she claims she doesn’t need anyone? But then, is that not our story too? She wants to be taken away and has left her daydreams behind, her heart behind. However, can she ever do that, this crazy woman, with a potpourri of thoughts; can she ever leave her heart and dreams behind?


Halsey reiterates that she does not need anyone over and over. Yet, she needs every ounce of care the world has to offer. She wakes up resolving to push through all by herself and yet at the end of the goes to bed secretly wishing for a heart to care for hers.

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