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ALERT! Is Apple’s iTunes Shutting Down Real?

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Is Apple Shutting Down iTunes?

Hello everyone. Today, let’s talk about Apple Corporation and iTunes. There has been quite a bit of theorizing on the potential death of iTunes in terms of purchasing a digital copy of the music. However, this is the direction the music industry is inevitably going towards because all places are trying to replace purchasing music by streaming music. The major question is, is Apple really shutting down iTunes?


The reality is, everyone is looking for music streaming platforms and Spotify is the major example of success here. The labels, as well as music listeners, are looking for streaming services. The reason behind this is, the streaming platform is creating a financial boom in the music industry.

Meanwhile, digital sales of music continue to tumble because the streaming has established itself as a necessity for digital music. It is a kind of antiquated model as of right now. People aren’t really purchasing music like they used to. Instead, they are purchasing subscriptions and they are streaming at their leisure time.

Is it a bad thing?

For me, it’s neither a good nor a bad thing. I’m just saying this is the current direction of the music industry. The only thing terrible about it is the fact that artists are making less and less amount of money from the streams. But they were used to making from the sales of a digital copy of the music.

What are the faults of these Apple services?

Well, to be specific, the decreasing trend of purchasing a digital copy of the music is not the fault of Apple Music or iTunes or Spotify. Even though they are huge platforms, it’s obviously the audiences that decide where to lead the music industry. The growing popularity of Spotify is not ironical whatsoever.

Is Apple Shutting down Apple Music and iTunes completely?

The services iTunes and Apple Music provide aren’t disappearing completely. It’s just that the things we could do on iTunes are now going to get minimized into another application. The services of iTunes are most likely to get shrunk down into other media based applications that Apple has connections with.


As of right now, it would be a silly move for Apple if it is shutting down digital music sales from iTunes because there are people who are still purchasing some digital music. It’s one of the major revenue generating applications for Apple. But the only thing that sucks about is that the artists are going to earn less.

The fact that digital sales aren’t going away entirely is good. But if we see less and less music being purchased digitally, these platforms won’t probably be around for much longer. It will be a waste of space and resource for Apple due to which Apple will have no reasons to maintain these applications anymore.


We can guess Apple structuring all stuff under one roof might incentivize music purchases because it seems a little inconvenient. However, the thing that’s most likely going to happen is that people will continue streaming music for free at their convenience while the artists continue to get a fraction of a penny for each play.


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