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Very Poetic Song by Lana Del Rey – Mariners Apartment Complex Lyrics Review


Lana Del Rey – Mariners Apartment Complex Lyrics Review

Today, we are going to dive into a new song from miss Lana Del Rey. She is teaming up with Jack Antonoff with ‘Fun’ and ‘Bleachers’ fame on this new song, Mariners Apartment Complex. Let’s review and see what Lana has to offer in the lyrics of a brand new song, Mariners Apartment Complex.


Teaming up with Jack Antonoff could have made an interesting change of pace in the song as Jack tends to favor very bright and peppy instrumentation. Although, it would be ridiculous to anticipate a total of 180 bpm from Lana as she has a pretty established sound.

Mariners Apartment Complex Lyrics Review

[Verse 1]

You took my sadness out of context
At the Mariners Apartment Complex
I ain’t no candle in the wind

Lana Del Rey has always been the sad type woman who wishes everything as perfect as it’s depicted on the TV screen. Unfortunately for her and all of us, life swings you the way it wants. Despite all the consequences, Lana Del Rey is brave enough to talk to her significant one and appreciate the fact that he was able to take away her sadness for a while at the Mariners Apartment Complex.

According to Genius Lyrics, Lana compares herself to something as vulnerable as the flame of a candle. Whenever the wind blows, the flame of a candle struggles to burn. Now, Lana Del Rey is no longer as fragile as a burning candle. Her broken relationships have taught her how to be strong under all circumstances.

[Pre-Chorus 1]

Lana Del Rey expresses a sensual connotation in the pre-chorus of the song. She speaks the language of heartbreak and failed relationship while insinuating a desire to be together at the same time. The memory of all the beautiful moments with her significant other is still haunting her and she cannot get enough of it.


You lose your way, just take my hand
You’re lost at sea, then I’ll command your boat to me again
Don’t look too far, right where you are, that’s where I am

Lana Del Rey does not want this relationship of her to end. She is willing to take control and become a guide of her significant one because she understands both of them still need each other. According to Genius, Lana emphasizes how some people can get overwhelmed by its immensity, taking wrong decisions and getting lost.

[Verse 2]

The singer has been extremely vocal about being misunderstood. Everyone wanted to tear her apart when she first came out to the public with her sad songs. She was unable to perform well at SNL and we all know what happened there. Now, all Lana needs is peace and good mental health.

[Pre-Chorus 2]

When everyone’s talking, you can make a stand
‘Cause even in the dark, I feel your resistance
You can see my heart burning in the distance

The poetic tone to her song in the second pre-chorus cannot be ignored. Lana has always been able to speak her heart out despite the difference in standards of people around her. She doesn’t fear of getting judged because of her aesthetics.

On the other side of the second pre-chorus, Lana Del Rey can feel the resistance of her significant other who doesn’t want her to leave. We all know the separation is hard. Lana says she is not happy either with a mutual decision of staying apart from each other. However, she is in pain as well. Her heart is burning as well and she knows he can feel it.


Opinion I

I enjoyed the song quite a bit. To be honest, I’m actually a little shocked by it. While Lana hasn’t changed up her sound much on this new track over here, I will say the addition of Jack into the mix has made for a big change. Maybe, it is a subtle change the fans don’t notice. But I think it has made for a pretty significant change that has at least hit me very hard.

Opinion II

Typically, up until this point, Lana’s songs were very soaked and caked-on in reverbs. If I can make an analogy here, I’d link it to wearing too much foundation before makeup. It’s to the point where Lana is soaking her music into reverbs where she is washing her music out. It feels as though Lana is hiding more than she is enhancing.

Opinion III

By contrast, the strings, the guitars, the vocals and the piano are very naked on the first leg of Mariners Apartment Complex. Lana’s vocal delivery is very intimate and up-close. It’s almost to the point where she is like singing in your ear. I think it’s a nice change of pace because of her voice, and the instrumentation sounds nice, lush and beautiful.

Opinion IV

While Lana is not the best vocalist on the block, she has quite a bit of dynamics in the song. She swells with the instrumentation nicely as it builds up. Lana Del Rey delivers some moody and low-key crews throughout the verses switching subtly here and there to some spoken word bits that are whispery, sensual and sexy.

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Opinion I

The song ‘Mariners Apartment Complex is very sexy and sad as a lot of her songs. I just think the sound of this track is better. The ballad is very nice too as it’s not a pretty tried and true chord progression. I think the track is beautiful and dramatic. It’s performed and put together pretty well.

Opinion II

The lyrics sound like a mix of heartbreak and lovesick. The song elongates to portray Lana as this person who you imagine to be with is obsessed with you. There are themes of forgiveness and breaking up but staying together as well. I couldn’t exactly get a super clear sense of what exactly the story of the narrative of this song is.

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Opinion III

The song doesn’t exactly have the catchiest melody in the world. The verses in the track are melodically a little humdrum. Lana tends to sink into those whispery vocals a little bit too much. Maybe she wants to make a huge melodic impact on the audience but I still think it’s a well-put-together song. I love the effort on ‘Venice B***h’ as well.

Personal Take

I give ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’ by Lana Del Rey a decent 07/10 in the Lyrics Review category. I still like the vocals quite a bit. For me, the instrumentation is grand and beautiful.

According to Pitchfork review on Mariners Apartment Complex, Lana Del Rey revels in her accumulated powers in this song.

Read “Mariners Apartment Complex” by Lana Del Rey on Genius

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