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Is Mental Illness Laughed at by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber? I Don’t Care Lyrics Review


Ed Sheeran With Justin Bieber – I Don’t Care Lyrics Review

According to Genius Lyrics, ‘I Don’t Care’ is an upbeat collaboration between pop stars Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. The artists describe a scenario ij which they’re in a party but both of them want to leave due to their mental health. Even though they are around their “friends”, they’re describing their feelings of loneliness and someone close to them understands and takes care of them. Let’s review the lyrics in I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeran with Justin Bieber.


Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber have collaborated in multiple hits such as ‘Love Yourself’ and ‘Cold Water’, according to Genius Lyrics. In the track ‘I Don’t Care’, they talk about their loneliness and depression. Are they really concerned about the mental health issues or are they laughing at the situation? Let’s find out.

[Verse 1: Ed Sheeran]

Let’s review the lyrics in the first verse of ‘I Don’t Care’ performed by Ed Sheeran.

Part I

Wonderin’ if I could sneak out the back
Nobody’s even lookin’ me in my eyes

Ed Sheeran is in a party. At this party, no one wants to talk to him. He is feeling all alone and he wishes to sneak out of the party. However, he chooses to stay and observe the party. He notices that nobody is looking into his eyes. The singer is present at the party but he is absent from other attendees.

Part II

You know I love ya, did I ever tell ya?
You make it better like that

The singer was all alone until someone miraculously appeared in front of him. The person could be his crush or his lover or his close friend. He expresses his love for this new person. I find this part a little funny because he was all alone in a party before and now that he gets someone, he expresses his feelings immediately. This looks a bit clingy and desperate to me.

[Pre-Chorus: Ed Sheeran]

I always feel like I’m nobody, mmm
Who wants to fit in anyway?

In the pre-chorus section, Ed Sheeran says he feels like he doesn’t exist in a group of people. He never feels like Ed Sheeran when he is in the party. The singer throws a sarcastic line by saying “who wants to fit in anyway?”, without realizing that he really wants to fit in with the people at the party so that he could talk to someone. He made this very clear in his first verse.

[Chorus: Ed Sheeran]

Part I

‘Cause I don’t care when I’m with my baby, yeah
All the bad things disappear

In the chorus section of the song ‘I Don’t Care’, Ed Sheeran says he doesn’t care about anything when he is with his baby. When the person he loves is around him, all the bad things disappear. The thing that bothers me the most is the idea of needing someone by your side to have fun. This is not healthy!

Part II

And you’re making me feel like I’m loved by somebody
I can deal with the bad nights

Again, the same idea of needing someone close to have fun is expressed in the second part of the chorus. Ed says the person is making him feel like he is loved by someone and he is not all alone. He expresses his needy behavior to be with someone close to him so as to deal with the bad nights. Again, I repeat, this is not healthy!

[Verse 2: Justin Bieber]

Justin’s verse looks a little better and coherent than Ed’s verse. Let’s review the lyrics in the first verse of ‘I Don’t Care’ performed by Justin Bieber.

Part I

Tryna talk, but we can’t hear ourselves
Read your lips, I’d rather kiss ’em right back

Unlike Ed, Justin is at the party with someone already. But he says he is disturbed by the people around them. However, all he can do is look at her lips and predict the words she’s been speaking all along. I mean, if you are that upset about the noises at THE PARTY, you should consider leaving. It’s as simple as that, Justin.

Part II

With all these people all around
I’m crippled with anxiety

Again, the same point, if you aren’t getting good vibes from people around you, you should maybe consider leaving. At this point, we all are aware of the mental health issues Justin Bieber is going through. The guy rose up as an overnight superstar and now all he wants is peace.

[Bridge: Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran]

I don’t like nobody but you, baby, I don’t care
I don’t like nobody but you, I hate everyone here

Both Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber tend to show their affection towards their respective lovers. They say they don’t like anyone else except their lovers, which in a way is cute and nice. However, to say “I hate everyone here” is a little too rude in my opinion. All you’ve got to do is leave. It isn’t that hard.


The beats used in the song are happy and the drums are pretty loud. The way they sing the song feels as if they are happy. However, they stretch out the idea of disliking everyone around at the party and talk about their depression in the lyrics. The lyrics in the song portray a desperate and needy behavior of people


However, I find the production pretty cute even though the song talks about needing someone by your side to have fun. The target age group of the song is twelve to thirty-five. Mostly, teenagers tend to love this song because of the relevant situations in their personal lives. Age groups above the teen phase might love the song as it makes them remember their teenage lives.

Personal Take

I give ‘I Don’t Care’ by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber a light 05/10 in the Lyrics Review category. Guys, talk about mental health issues but in a healthier way, please.

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