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Kanye West – Up From The Ashes Lyrics Meaning


Kanye West – Up From The Ashes Lyrics Meaning

Kanye West, some of you might cringe by this name while some of you might pray to this name. Regardless, he is a well-known figure in the hip-hop industry who considers himself a hardcore Christian. According to Genius, Kanye’s lyrics had always aligned to the path of God and this has led him to release a highly anticipated album ‘Jesus Is King’ on the 25th of October, 2019. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the opening track of the album Jesus Is King, ‘Up From The Ashes’ by Kanye West.

The song ‘Up From The Ashes’ serves as the opening track of his newest album ‘Jesus Is King’. We all have heard of the phrase “rise from the ashes”. This means we should always emerge from something that has been destroyed. We shouldn’t cease to exist just because someone else tells you to do so. This phrase has been commonly used to represent a mythological bird, Phoenix.

Introduction: Up From The Ashes Lyrics

Apparently, Phoenix burns itself and rises again from its own ashes, making it an invincible bird, one of its kinds. This narrative of Phoenix can resemble in the account of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after only three days of crucifixion. This matches the theme of the album title ‘Jesus Is King’. Similarly, Kanye West drags himself into multiple drama and pointless discussions. People hate him for this.

Just a while back when he stated “slavery sounds like a choice” and shook his hands with media-obsessed President Donald Trump, he was burning himself in the public eye, just like Phoenix. This type of behavior dates back to 2009 when he interrupted Taylor Swift in the VMAs to say Beyonce had had a better music video. Kanye West constantly puts himself on fire and rises back up from it.

Up From The Ashes Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Up From The Ashes’ by Kanye West section-wise.


In the lyrics of the chorus of ‘Up From The Ashes’, Kanye West has dived into a topic of the afterlife, as to what could happen after our demise? It is a deep topic to dive into and people might really be questioning the legitimacy of the source. Since it is Kanye West advocating for Christianity, quite literally, people have mixed feelings about it. Regardless, the song serves the purpose of free-thinking, which is basically what Kanye is known for these days!

Back to the lyrics of ‘Up From The Ashes’, Kanye West pictures his afterlife. He meets his Redeemer who is going to redeem him from his earthly mistakes. The rapper is then set free to roam wherever he wants to. But if there is God’s name within his heart, he will meet God. Eventually, he meets Jesus Christ and mother Mary. His physical and emotional wounds are finally healed by his decision to follow the path of God.

The soul of Kanye West is now in the presence of God. The rapper pulls himself out of his earthly pride and submits himself to God completely. For him, there is no one superior to God. Therefore, he will never divert his attention away from the path of the light shown by God. Kanye, on his knees, tells God he is ready to enter Heaven empty, without any earthly possession or any of the seven deadly sins.


Kanye West boils down to an emotional rollercoaster following the lyrics in ‘Up From The Ashes’. In the end, it doesn’t matter how you behave on Earth. It doesn’t matter if no one likes you or appreciates your efforts. The true judge of your characters is God and only God can make a judgment on your character. Your final confession will be before God. The god will not judge you and he won’t leave you. He will hear what you have got to say and sour you with love, not just promises of love, but actual love!

Conclusion: Up From The Ashes Meaning

According to Kanye, it is important to leave your earthly pride behind and be truthful to God. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Up From The Ashes’ by Kanye West? Do you like the direction where the artist is heading towards musically from ‘Jesus Is King’? Is Kanye only making Christian music from now onwards? Let us know in the comments below.

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of “Up From The Ashes” by Kanye West on Genius in detail.


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