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Where Is Kanye Going? Kanye West – Follow God Lyrics Meaning


Kanye West – Follow God Lyrics Meaning

Guys, Jesus Is King, the highly foreseen Kanye West album is finally here on the 25th of October, 2019. ‘Follow God’ is the third track from his latest album. In this soulful track, Kanye West discusses the struggles with being a public figure and trying to pursue the path shown by God. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Follow God’ by Kanye West.

The producer/ singer on the song like “I Love It“, the apparent release of a Gospel album was pretty much unexpected. Regardless, after months of hyping up the release of the album, it is finally here. Fans were speculating on whether or not today is the final release date. It seems TODAY IS THE DAY! I’m so excited about this!

Introduction: Follow God Lyrics

Even though the career path of Kanye West from this point onward seems to be very confusing since Kanye reportedly said he will only be making Gospel music from now onwards. If the rapper is being serious, this might mean the end of his rap career. Therefore, it’s probably not going to happen. But it is Kanye. So, it’s impossible to withstand a single claim made by him because Kanye changes his mind a lot.

Regardless, his choice to become a Christian father is finally paying off. Kanye West is able to pursue his dream to follow god and he has mentioned it in his lyrics as well. As mentioned in a highly anticipated Kanye West track “Up From The Ashes”, which is not available in this album, he wishes to redeem himself in the presence of the Gods.

Follow God Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Follow God” by Kanye West section-wise.


Kanye West, in the lyrics of Intro of ‘Follow God’, is asking for help with God. He is stretching his hands to God with the expectation of getting redeemed for his earthly mistakes. The rapper is actively seeking liberation and a chance to purify his soul in the light of God.


Part I

As the lyrics continue forward to the verse of ‘Follow God’, Kanye West dribbles down on what people expect from him. At this point, we all know Kanye is a person who follows his instinct to evolve. Here, the rapper seems to be confronting God to know what he is really supposed to do to live his life in the right way. For everything he does, it turns out to be a problem for someone else.

Interestingly, Kanye West talks about the anxiety he has to go through on a daily basis. The rapper sings about his dislike towards the like count on Instagram. He doesn’t want to get validated by the total number of likes he gets. He believes there is an earnest spiritual way of living a life besides the constant buzz of his celebrity life. Kanye wants peace and tranquility. If following God’s path is what it takes for him to get what he wants, he is willing to do so.

Part II

Whenever he tries to follow his instincts, someone tells him his actions aren’t Christ-like. Kanye West is in the dilemma of pleasing other people by not being able to do what he feels like doing. The rapper says even though it’s a sin to do so, he doubts the purity of Christ himself. How can Jesus always be correct? Why doesn’t he panic like a normal human being? Is being a freak wrong? Will I be punished if I pursue my own beliefs and thoughts?

With these unanswered questions, Kanye thinks it is only going to work if he follows the path shown by God himself. Instead of arguing with father on what’s right and what’s wrong, Kanye would rather follow Jesus himself. Nobody can point their fingers at Kanye if the only thing he does is follow God’s light. Therefore, he is stretching out his hands to Jesus to ask for redemption. He is asking for Jesus’s permission to be able to go walk on the path shown by the true God, Jesus Christ, himself.


Our speculation of Kanye West dropping a Gospel album by being a good Kanye has turned out to be wrong. Kanye West has dropped an F-bomb in the lyrics for the outro of ‘Follow God’. His uncle, unclear about Kanye’s life choices, has tried to give him advice on how to live life. Then, Kanye said, giving advice to people on how to live God’s life without knowing the teachings of God isn’t Christ-like. What a legend!

Conclusion: Follow God Meaning

The meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Follow God’ by Kanye West are very deep. It depends on the individual whether or not to pick on a few slangs used by him to ignore the meaning behind “Follow God”. What do you think of the song? What do you think the song really means? Let us know in the comments section below.

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of “Follow God” by Kanye West on Genius in detail.


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