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Kodak Black – Expeditiously Lyrics Review


Kodak Black – Expeditiously Lyrics Review

The Lyrics Review for Expeditiously by Kodak Black takes the track as the next installment in the ongoing beef between Kodak Black and T.I.


A wise man can play a fool but a fool can’t play wise

The line like this on a record can definitely highlight the poetic ability of Kodak. However, the signature nasally vocal of Kodak Black just makes it uneasy for me to take the lyrics of this track seriously. But at least I can recognize him if his songs are played elsewhere. Even though I find it unappealing, it is a good thing that he has got a unique nasal vocal delivery.

Music Composition & Feud

The trap beats used in this track are well produced. But if we really go for the lyrics, the shots thrown at T.I. are just pitiful. Even though I like the fact that he is calling out T.I. for snitching on his business, I did not quite understand the necessity for Kodak Black so as to call out T.I.’s wife and saying she is ugly.

Celebrity Beef & Rules

When Pusha T exposed secret love affair and a whole another life of Drake in the track “The Story of Adidon”, Drake said Pusha T broke the rule by including his personal life for Pusha’s commercial benefits. The current situation between Kodak Black and T.I. looks exactly the same to me. There are certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed while dissing another artist but hey anything can happen in hip-hop.

Escalation of Beef

The radio host Big Boy and DJ Justin Credible notified people that their station Power 106 will no longer play Kodak’s music on the radio station. Kodak Black mentions this situation in the track as well. In overall, the track is decent, there is nothing to get too hyped about.


Part 1

Now, let’s read the line below from the verse, shall we?

They know that I’m baptized in blood, I let my soul sing it

Kodak Black has all the artistic abilities that he needs for a major commercial success. However, the nasal vocal delivery makes the track boring every time I try my best to listen to the track. I am trying my best to be open-minded and I’m trying to fit in with the scenario here but I’m not quite sure if I can really want myself to like the nasally unsweet vocal delivery.

Part 2

Kodak Black dives deeper into his feud with T.I. and calls him a tipper who pays people to get out of illegal situations. The rapper makes sure in the lyrics of Expeditiously that he is nothing like T.I. Even better, he mentions that he is aware of what’s right and what’s wrong for his career. He says he would never support illegal activities just to stay out of legal battles.

Part 3

How the hell you cancel a n****a, and I don’t even smoke tobacco?

I have an issue of coherency in the line above taken out from the lyrics of Expeditiously. This line doesn’t make sense to me, at all. How does canceling someone and smoking tobacco relate to each other? However, I have nice things to tell about the last line of this track.

Part 4

Mute me when I voice my opinion, and I ain’t even know it mattered

This line changed my whole opinion of the song. He is trying to become a beneficiary of the freedom of speech and the line hits so hard when you know someone had been snitching on him since very long. Kodak black not only disses T.I., but he also disses 6ix9ine and The Game in the same track. But the focus has been on T.I. all along.

Personal Take On Expeditiously

I give Expeditiously by Kodak Black a light 04/10 in the Lyrics Review category. Kodak Black, please practice enunciation for the next track.

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