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Lauv ‘Modern Loneliness’ Lyrics Meaning Is His Best Introspective Song


Lauv – Modern Loneliness Lyrics Meaning

‘Modern Loneliness’ is the tenth single dropped from Lauv’s forthcoming debut record ~how I’m feeling~. His album is getting released in the first week March of 2020. It was foregone by the up-beat “Tattoos Together” along with an identical teaser rollout. The song was set to be dropped for Lauv’s followers all over the hype thrown around his social media handles on the 18th of February 2020. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Modern Loneliness’ by Lauv which he thinks is his best introspective song so far.

Introduction: Modern Loneliness Lyrics Lauv

In the lyrics of the song titled ‘Modern Loneliness,’ the American singer/ songwriter Lauv vocalizes about the ‘modern means’ of living a deserted life despite being always encircled by friends and family. The song takes a shot at being in touch with everyone with the help of social media and despite that everyone is lonely all the time. You are only two texts away from being in contact with someone and yet you cannot stop feeling lonely. He could easily be talking about his celebrity status as well. Lauv addresses mental-health and brings an introspective vibe with this recent single.

Modern Loneliness Meaning Lauv

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Modern Loneliness’ by Lauv section-wise.

[Verse 1]

In the first verse of the song, the singer recalls his memories with his late father who meant the world to him. He is the man he is today because of his father. But now that he isn’t with him anymore, he feels completely alone despite being surrounded by friends and family all the time. He doesn’t feel as though there is indeed someone to walk him through his hardships just like his father. All Lauv ever seeks is some love and actual affection from the people around him in recent days as if they mean it, besides small talks.

[Pre-Chorus/ Post-Chorus/ Outro]

The singer doesn’t feel as motivated as he used to when his father was by his side to show him some support. Lauv probably took his father for granted when he was on Earth. But now that he isn’t here, he feels as though there is no reason to live for. The emotional baggage and turmoil that Lauv holds in his heart are making it harder for himself to outperform himself and work with his full potential. All he gets is the trigger due to the crisis of support from around him and is looking forward to making some changes this year.


Back in the day, before the age of the internet, it was hard for people to stay in touch with one another. Now that we’ve advanced into the modern age, Lauv says we have fallen in the trap of ‘Modern Loneliness’. Giving his own example of never reaching out to people through calls and texts, he tries to show how easy it is to be in contact with someone and yet how easy it is to feel lonely. The message is, if you want someone to treat like you treat them, you’ve got to treat them the same way.

[Verse 2]

The singer is willing to dissect his own DNA and get rid of toxic thoughts and loneliness surrounding him. He wishes to cleanse up his soul and give his problems for the world to experience them. This way, people can relate to what he is going through in his life and maybe find him interesting enough to be in touch with. Even though he knows his problems are unsolvable, he wants to share what he’s going through without actually communicating it through.

Conclusion: Modern Loneliness Meaning Lauv

You get what you give. If you want someone to call or text you, start yourself by calling and texting him/ her. Don’t simply stay silent by suffocating yourself even when you want to share how you are feeling with someone. Start socializing and make yourself feel better instead of keeping things with yourself. What do you think of the song ‘Modern Loneliness’ by Lauv? Let us know in the comments section below.

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