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Lil Durk ‘What Happened To Virgil’ Lyrics Meaning


Lil Durk – What Happened To Virgil Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the title of the song ‘What Happened To Virgil’ by Lil Durk is around the topic of the death of Virgil Abloh in its lyrics. Virgil was known for his line, Off-White, and also was the artistic director for Louis Vuitton. He passed away in 2021 following a private battle with a rare form of cancer. Gunna features in the song as Lil Durk and Gunna share their struggles and experiences.

‘What Happened To Virgil’ highlights the toughness Lil Durk and Gunna have developed over the years. They talk about fake friends who are loyal to money.

Introduction: What Happened To Virgil Lyrics

Lil Durk and Gunna talk about their friend circle while also showing interest in the life of Virgil Abloh. They are questioning the fragility of life while talking about their struggles. It’s a way to ease the pain of our own lives as we see people like Virgil passing away from an unpredictable and incurable disease. The struggles of the rappers are minuscule when compared to what Virgil went through.

Oh my God, what happened to Virgil?

Lyrics to ‘What Happened To Virgil’ by Lil Durk

What Happened To Virgil Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘What Happened To Virgil’ by Lil Durk line by line in detail.

[Intro/ Chorus/ Bridge/ Outro: King Von, Lil Durk & Gunna]

King Von begins the song. Then, in the chorus section, Lil Durk reflects on how people’s opinions fluctuate as time goes by. Today, all of his haters are trying to convince him that they are proud of him. But in reality, when he wasn’t as popular as he is today, they doubted him. Lil Durk used to let people around him get into his head. He was emotional and mad that his people wouldn’t believe in his dreams.

[Verse 1: Lil Durk]

“Wocka” means that is an abbreviated form of the words, ‘Wockhardt to Wocka’ which sounds like ‘Waka’. ‘Waka Flocka Flame’ is a frequent collaborator of Lil Durk. His name is often reduced to ‘Waka Flocka’. “I wish my brother had made it out surgery” means that Lil Durk is longing for the survival of Virgil. We all know by this point, it’s simply wishful thinking. The rapper also talks about his usage of illegal substances to soothe himself.

[Verse 2: Gunna]

Gunna opens his verse by calling himself a scholar even if it’s his first day at school. ‘Van Nuys’ is a small part of Los Angeles, California and is the most populated city in San Fernando. ‘Opa Locka’ means a city located in Floridas Miami Dade County. “From the A” means from the Atlanta city. In this way, he refers to Atlanta Braves. Then, Gunna gives a shoutout to Prince.

“I’ma pour up some purple” means that Lil Durk wants to consume a Purple Drank, which is very addictive. It is a reference to Prince’s hit song ‘Purple Rain’.

Conclusion: What Happened To Virgil Meaning

‘What Happened To Virgil’ by Lil Durk has a braggadocios tone to it, while equally being humble and understanding the fragility of life. From Virgil to Prince, Lil Durk is reflecting on the lives of legendary people. Virgil did a lot for the fashion industry and Louis Vuitton’s legacy. He was successful in his short-lived life. Imagine how successful he would have been having Virgil still alive.

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