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Why Is Michele Morrone “Hard For Me” Lyrics Meaning All Over TikTok?

Michele Morrone – Hard For Me Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of the song “Hard For Me” by Michele Morrone implies a subtle meaning of the artist finding it hard to leave his romantic interest. In the song, the artist expresses his vulnerability and this is why the song is everywhere on TikTok. Hello everyone, this is Amanda for Laviasco. You can find us on Twitter @laviasco as well. The song perfectly targets emotionally immature demographics on TikTok which has made them feel relatable to the artist himself in some ways.

“Hard For Me” is a TikTok fueled song where its lyrics are highlighting the meaning behind the abandonment issues in a relationship. Here, the artist is implying that he will not be leaving despite the connection being toxic.

Introduction: Hard For Me Lyrics

The song is targeting the demographics which is likely to be vulnerable to emotional conflicts. TikTok has been an amazing platform to give underrated artists a chance to shine in the spotlight. It is not even surprising anymore considering the success of songs such as “Death Bed“, “The Box“, and “Old Town Road“ fueled by TikTok. Here, the youngsters who are likely to be emphatically and emotionally vulnerable are expressing their abandonment issues with the help of the video-sharing platform, TikTok.

I am singing a lullaby

And I think you should know

That I won’t let it go

Notable lyrics for “Hard For Me” by Michele Morrone

Hard For Me Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Hard For Me” by Michele Morrone section-wise.

[Verse 1/ Pre-Chorus]

These sections actually talk to me on a personal level. Sometimes, in a relationship, people act like they are free and independent souls. Our immaturity hides behind the lies that are intimidating to us. We tell our romantic interest that they are free to leave if they are not happy while knowing for the fact that they do not want to abandon us. This is a form of emotional abuse that we don’t clearly see when we are in ‘love’. The person who is telling us that we are free knows for the fact that we won’t be leaving them. This is why they play such mind games to make themselves feel important in a relationship.


The chorus section of the song gets really sad when the singer says he is not willing to let go of his romantic interest. Even though he feels like the connection between him and his romantic partner is fading away, he is not willing to let go. This is because he cannot let go of things easily. Never had he ever thought of leaving his significant other for some conflicts within the relationship. Now that they are not in good terms with what happened, the singer acknowledges that he will not forget the good memories despite being drowned by the bad ones.

[Verse 2/ Pre-Chorus]

In these sections of the song “Hard For Me”, the lyrics get a little more expressive for Michele Morrone. The singer seems to have realized that he had been ignoring every red flag starting from the beginning of their relationship. His significant other has been lying to him about almost everything. However, he kept on forgiving his lover. The quality of time they spent with one another doesn’t seem to matter to his significant other. Now, he feels lied to all along. Every time his partner leaves the room, he understands that his romantic interest isn’t happy with him either.

[Post-Chorus/ Bridge/ Outro]

Despite every wrong thing happening in their relationship, the singer is clearly not ready to leave his romantic interest. He understands that they have had many good moments together as opposed to bad memories that have been haunting him. This conflict in interest is creating chaos inside his mind which is making it hard for him to abandon someone who he treats respectfully. The abandonment issues are very visible here but it doesn’t matter anymore. Both of them should move on as life goes on.

Conclusion: Hard For Me Meaning

“Hard For Me” is an emotionally relatable song to people who are struggling with their relationships. Trauma bonding is real and it could happen during this time in an affair.

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