You are currently viewing We Have Wounded Hollywood! Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding Lyrics Meaning

We Have Wounded Hollywood! Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding Lyrics Meaning

Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding Lyrics Meaning

Attention everybody! Emergency. Hollywood’s Bleeding! Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of Hollywood’s Bleeding by Post Malone.

The Hollywood has become so toxic that it is sucking life out of people working in the industry.


Sometimes the Hollywood burns, sometimes it quakes and sometimes it bleeds. The Hollywood has become an ordeal recently.

Yet, everyone wants to be in Hollywood. Technically, you chose to be there Posty. You knew the consequences and yet you chose it. So, stop complaining.

Hollywood’s Bleeding Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Hollywood’s Bleeding” by Post Malone.


Apparently, Hollywood’s bleeding due to the vampires that are spread across Los Angeles. Are you sure about that Posty?

Are you really sure about that? If it is real, then you should inform the police about it instead of making a song about it.

You say everyone’s gone but no one is leaving. How does this make any sense?

If people go, that’s called leaving. This is exactly what happens when you drop out of high school to make music, Mr. Austin Post!

It was your dream to move into Hollywood Posty. Now that it is bleeding, you’re moving back home? Seriously?

Are you seriously going to say goodbyes to the place that made your career? Okay, great!

You better stay right there in California and do something about it. California made you! The Hollywood Hills made you!

You’ll think you are Better Now when you leave Hollywood. But you will say it when you’re not around Hollywood. You love Hollywood.

I’m not crying, you are!


Now in the chorus, you’ve chosen to be hysterical just like you were in “Take What You Want” track.

You are losing coherence on your poetic touch. Now, you’re talking about your failure to maintain a good relationship once again.

The whole album feels like a breakup mashup. I wouldn’t be surprised if I decide to run in circles so as to avoid you. It’s so annoying Posty.

The Hollywood’s bleeding because your romantic interest wouldn’t call you back? Seriously?

The singers who sing just for the sake of singing should be cancelled.

Me, as a fan, I’m warning you Posty!


The one thing I can assure is, Hollywood is popular for the usage of illegal substances.

Now that Trump’s campaign is against it, you call it death of America?

Or are you coining Trump as a vampire?

Also, how come the vampires are capable of changing the weather.

I guess I am confused. Am I the only one who has no idea what this song is about?

It talks about relationship failure, heartbreak, vampires and Hollywood bleeding. There is no correlation to anything.


Hollywood’s dying and we are causing its death. Our desperation to do anything so as to get on the top has motivated creeps to take advantage of us.

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  1. aaron

    the meaning is way more deeper than what’s written here?????? it exposes the toxicity of the industry, the way it consumes you. It drives you crazy, you can’t feel anymore and you’re sadly addicted to this life.
    The lyrics of the chorus are NOT about a relationship/romance. It is about loneliness. No one’s calling him, friendships are mostly FAKES, no one’s really trying to know each others.

    I’ve never reading something this stupid lol

    1. Laviasco

      That’s the old us, we have evolved 😉

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