Post Malone

We Have Wounded Hollywood! Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding Lyrics Meaning


Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding Lyrics Meaning

Attention everybody! Call 911. Hollywood’s Bleeding! Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of Hollywood’s Bleeding by Post Malone.

The Hollywood has become so toxic that it is sucking life out of people working in the industry.


Sometimes the Hollywood burns, sometimes it quakes and sometimes it bleeds. The Hollywood has become an ordeal recently.

Yet, everyone wants to be in Hollywood. Technically, you chose to be there Posty. You knew the consequences and yet you chose it. So, stop complaining.

Hollywood’s Bleeding Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Hollywood’s Bleeding” by Post Malone.


Apparently, Hollywood’s bleeding due to the vampires that are spread across Los Angeles. Are you sure about that Posty?

Are you really sure about that? If it is real, then you should inform the police about it instead of making a song about it.

You say everyone’s gone but no one is leaving. How does this make any sense?

If people go, that’s called leaving. This is exactly what happens when you drop out of high school to make music, Mr. Austin Post!

It was your dream to move into Hollywood Posty. Now that it is bleeding, you’re moving back home? Seriously?

Are you seriously going to say goodbyes to the place that made your career? Okay, great!

You better stay right there in California and do something about it. California made you! The Hollywood Hills made you!

You’ll think you are Better Now when you leave Hollywood. But you will say it when you’re not around Hollywood. You love Hollywood.

I’m not crying, you are!


Now in the chorus, you’ve chosen to be hysterical just like you were in “Take What You Want” track.

You are losing coherence on your poetic touch. Now, you’re talking about your failure to maintain a good relationship once again.

The whole album feels like a breakup mashup. I wouldn’t be surprised if I decide to run in circles so as to avoid you. It’s so annoying Posty.

The Hollywood’s bleeding because your romantic interest wouldn’t call you back? Seriously?

The singers who sing just for the sake of singing should be cancelled.

Me, as a fan, I’m warning you Posty!


The one thing I can assure is, Hollywood is popular for the usage of illegal substances.

Now that Trump’s campaign is against it, you call it death of America?

Or are you coining Trump as a vampire?

Also, how come the vampires are capable of changing the weather.

I guess I am confused. Am I the only one who has no idea what this song is about?

It talks about relationship failure, heartbreak, vampires and Hollywood bleeding. There is no correlation to anything.


Hollywood’s dying and we are causing its death. Our desperation to do anything so as to get on the top has motivated creeps to take advantage of us.

What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of “Hollywood’s Bleeding” by Post Malone?

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6 thoughts on “We Have Wounded Hollywood! Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding Lyrics Meaning

  1. This is one of the most pathetic articles I’ve had the disfortune of reading. He apparently dropped out of high school yet blows you out of the water in every aspect school does and doesn’t try to teach you. For one “everyone’s gone but no ones leaving” is quite obviously and easily interpreted as everyone is either out their mind or on drugs, both can mean gone. Yet no ones physically leaving. But I guess it took a music college dropout to tell you that. As almost always the dropouts are light years past the peers. Specifically in creative terms. So it’s no surprise you bring up education when faced with an obstacle all the education in the world could never give you; Self creative expression and interpretation of anything subjective. A sad article with zero substance or insight from a sad man or whatever you identify as. I didn’t even read who the author is. So stop putting Hollywood on a pedestal as someone who would never be accepted into Hollywood is prone to do. And allow this much younger man to teach you some shit about stuff you’ve never seen nor will experience. Texas made him. Not f****** Hollywood which just took this amazing appliance which is Post Malone and plugged him into a broader reaching outlet. He was assembled in Texas, everything he is he came with when he arrived in Hollywood. Typical for Hollywood however to benefit off the talents fostered in the rest of the country where people are more sane and society has more depth and to pass them off as their own creations. Let me know if your boss needs my information so I can replace you.

  2. This is the expression of an artist, you just can’t mock him for making a song. It’s his feelings and thoughts, and you are just making fun of him! I mean look at what he has achieved at such an age. Look at his voice and the talent and the grind that he put in to get where he is right now.
    All I am saying is that you shouldn’t make fun of an artist like this.
    Anyway, I hope you know, it doesn’t make any difference to him, after all he is POST MALONE.

  3. “Everyone is gone, but nobody is leaving”. It seems like you were the one who skipped out on school because this excerpt can be deciphered as the fact that many people in Hollywood are *mentally* gone, yet they choose to stay. If you have ever stepped foot into LA/Hollywood, you would see that within the expensive beverly hills through the homeless stricken streets of downtown. You have rich, top 1% living there with coke smothered around their faces, and then you have homelessness surrounding every inch of the piss and sh*t ridden streets. Theres no in between and its an absolute contrast between the two classes. Post was mentioning this in his song as a way to bring light to the subject of how LA has become almost unliveable due what was mentioned before.
    I am absolutely confused with who wrote this article? Its not informative and it seemed like whoever wrote this didnt pass 6th grade English.
    Also would like to add that Post himself explained what “feeding vampires” meant. He said that “theres a lot of vampires out there that want to suck the life from you” which, if you knew anything about the culture of Hollwood, you would find that to be true. The city is filled with liars, schemers, and people too short from being dreamers.

    I would love to know why you made this political as well. Not one mention of politics, not even a subliminal message bringing it up either, so I just thought it was interesting how you turned it into such.

    Whoever wrote this description of the lyrics has no credibility and cannot put together a full idea without ranting about their personal beliefs. I would rate this 0/5 stars if I could. Kind of sad we have close minded people on this site that dont know the basic steps of deciphering a 2 minute song.

  4. This response seems super incompetent, poor explanation of the song lyrics. “Everyone’s gone but no ones leaving” likely means everyone is under the influence of alcohol and drugs but remain in the city. Don’t post an interpretation of an artists lyrics if you clearly dislike them or have no intellectual depth to understand a deeper meaning in a song. Makes you look foolish

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