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Will Parachute Woman Ever Fly? The Rolling Stones – Parachute Woman Lyrics Review


Parachute Woman Lyrics Review

Parachute Woman is the fourth track in the 1968 album by The Rolling Stones studio album, Beggars Banquet. The album was on its way to rediscover its root influence, i.e. Blues, and Parachute Woman is the best example of it. Some say the track Parachute Woman had saved the career of The Rolling Stones back in the day. Let’s review the lyrics of Parachute Woman by The Rolling Stones.


The song Parachute Woman is an expressive track which gives us casual desperation for the need of pleasure. The track paints a beautiful picture of a human desire which cannot be denied. According to Genius Lyrics, Parachute Woman is the sexual innuendo.

Chorus I

Let’s review the lyrics in the first chorus of Parachute Woman by The Rolling Stones.

Parachute woman, land on me tonight

Part I

There are three choruses in the track which sound alike by their tone but they are lyrically different. The first part of the chorus is so poetic that I had to visualize a scenario of someone actually landing from a parachute.

Part II

When you are on a parachute, you need to open a parachute. After your parachute opens, you land on the ground slowly. This could be trying to say the singer wants the woman to approach them with their arms stretched like a parachute. Then so as to imitate the landing part, she could hug him slowly.

[Chorus II]

Let’s review the lyrics in the second chorus of Parachute Woman by The Rolling Stones.

Parachute woman, join me for a ride

In the second chorus of the song, the singer asks a girl if she wants to join him for a ride. It could have two meanings. Well, he might either be asking her for a genuine companionship or he might just want sexual pleasure. The word “ride” is sometimes used for sexual reference.

[Verse 2]

I’ll make my play in Dallas
And get hot again in half the time

The singer says he’ll perform at their show in Dallas. During the halftime, he will change himself up and reveal his hot body to his audience. This might be an appeal for the girls so that they can have fun after the show. The third chorus seems to explain the second verse of the song.

[Chorus III]

According to Genius Lyrics, the singer is asking the girl he met at Dallas if she would satisfy him. It is a little interesting coherency as we can see the line in the third chorus fits the sentiment of the second verse. Again, the song is the sexual innuendo.


The heavy riffs and a slight mixture of reggae with the country give us the music of Parachute Woman. The engineering of the sound is done beautifully. The rough and thrilling changes in the tuning of the music when the song moves in the forward progression is what makes Parachute Woman stand out in the whole album.


Parachute Woman is a short song with three verses and three choruses. Every verses and chorus are written with two lines in them. The target audience of the song could be of the age group sixteen to fifty. The song is sweet and funny. With such short verses, the song really gives a sense of uniqueness in writing and performance.

Personal Take

I give ‘Parachute Woman’ by The Rolling Stones a decent 07/10 in the Lyrics Review category. Parachute Woman really did save their careers.

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  1. art

    You’re so smart, you’re dangerous. ‘Parachute’ simply refers to single dose packets that are wrapped in paper (napkins e.g.), then swallowed. Most Stones’ tunes are rife with innuendo, so your interpretation in that regard is a far cry from thought-provoking. The tune is a fun number about having fun with the supplier on a few concert stops.

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