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Are You Alive With Delusions? Tool – 7empest Lyrics Meaning


Tool – 7empest Lyrics Meaning

If you look at the things around you, do you ever feel like you’ve been trapped inside a delusional dimension? Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of 7empest by Tool.

The song talks about forced positivity in the spectrum of the present world scenario. People are set to keep up with the expectations of “everything is going to be fine” mindset.


People are willing to do anything so as to attract attention to them lately. With the rise in the popularity of the internet, the situation has gotten even worse.

The powerful people lull the mainstream narrative by saying everything will be alright. The promised tranquility is far from reality.

7empest Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of 7empest by Tool section-wise.


The group wants to remain calm and stay quiet. They try their best not to be mean.

However, they cannot hold their silence and start spilling what they feel deep inside anymore!

[Verse 1]

The first line of the starting verse talks about social media and the constant buzz for attention.

If you miss out on social media, you miss out major events that happen in a single day.

You miss everything in a blink of an eye.

Everyone on social media promise you tranquility if you do something for them. This isn’t true at all!

People are here for a short attention span and they wish to sell you stuff all the time.

Then, the truth about them gets surfaced on the internet. The way they lie and change the topic is very interesting to me.

They act surprised when they’re caught in the lie. But we know their nature.

That’s what they do!

[Verse 2]

When celebrities get caught in their lies, they start putting the blames onto someone else.

Instead of accepting their own mistakes, they try their best to drag someone else down.

Then, after a few days, their mistakes are forgotten.

They will be back with a new drama and a new enemy, all just for the short span of attention as well as money.

In today’s world, everything is justified by the money.

But only a few people know about this better than other people.


We should stay calm before destructive actions occur in a massive scale because of the internet.

Everyone should focus on protecting their data online instead of throwing everything out unconsciously.

[Verse 3]

A single tweet can destroy the earth. But people put their words out on the internet without thinking about it even once.

Too much of anything is dangerous. Just stay in control and be prepared for the upcoming tempest.

[Verse 4]

We should try our best not to live in delusions. The lies we are being fed are impeccable to our lives.

That’s what people do. They sell their lies and we buy them.

Think thrice before you put your words out in the world.

Stay cautious and avoid the distracting delusions. Know the extent of reality and try to live it.


Are you alive with delusions? Honestly, I know I am. But I’m avoiding it as much as I can.

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