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Even The Invincible Lose Ground, But Not Hope! Tool – Invincible Lyrics Meaning


Tool – Invincible Lyrics Meaning

The song was first performed by Tool on May 5, 2019, during their appearance at the Welcome to Rockville concert, in Jacksonville, Florida. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Invincible” by Tool.

Invincible was officially released by RCA Records alongside Volcano Entertainment on the 30th day of August 2019 as a feature on the Fear Inoculum album, the fifth studio album of “Tool”. The song is the soliloquy of a war veteran who has fought innumerable battles and yet his time on the battlefield is not up yet!

Introduction: Invincible Lyrics

The lyrics of the song can be interpreted on three fronts – a soldier’s story, the band’s battle to remain relevant in these capricious times and the tiny and giant trials in the life of a layman. We are all expected to emerge victorious in every war.

Whether we are the ones defending a cause or are on the offense side, is a different question altogether. The soldier gives himself the perpetual reminder incessantly, to suck his belly in and brandish his sword at the enemy at every instance where the latter tries to get the better of a situation.

Invincible Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of “Invincible” by Tool, section-wise.

[Verse 1]

The song begins with the declaration that this warrior is long in tooth and soul which is the bluntest way of saying that he is no more in his prime, is getting old. But no holds barred, the soldier is looking forward to his next battle and his subsequent triumph in it. He is ready to collide head-on with all his opponents, challengers and challenges.


The protagonist is trying his best to stay relevant, remain consequential and to continue to have a purpose.


In his soliloquy, the soldier makes sure to keep reminding himself and the world of who he is, by chanting valiant war cries and roaring like a beast, lest he forgets why he is here in the world, on the battlefield.

[Verse 2]

The drums announcing the onset of the war should not be quietened and the protagonist must challenge his opponents, beating his chest, no matter how tired and shaken his spirits may be. His battle is age-old and from cradle to the grave, his tussle has been going on. Whose tussle? The warriors’, the singers’, and even the listeners’! The soldier must keep his weapon handy and belly sucked in, to remain in the stance of a true warrior


The soldier has too many tales to tell on the wars he has won. He is a true war hero, but even as a hero he has done so many grave and violent actions that Caligula, the infamous Roman emperor, who was himself known for an unmatched passion for carnage, would grin at the feats of our protagonist!

[Verse 3]

We know that the warrior has spent several years on the battlefield and is aging too rapidly for his own good. Once indefatigable and undefeated, he is now slowing down. His invincible armor is also becoming a burden for him. The shield that let him accomplish uncountable victories protecting him from the enemy all the time, can’t even anymore be held steadily by him.


The protagonist is overwhelmed now and has tears in his eyes. He has not really come to terms with the fact that his fighting prowess is on the decline. He says he is chasing the phantom of Ponce de Leon, the explorer who is considered as the first European to have reached Florida. The protagonist is chasing mirages and feels he has got the taste of mythical fountains.

He admits that this can be false hope and that it is not in the position to sail ships and wage wars and conquer lands, not anymore. However still the protagonist, the warrior, the soldier, the singer, and the listener are not the ones to give up and come what may, they are bound to suck their bellies in and keep their weapons ready for the next fight!

Conclusion: Invincible Meaning

This is not about the belligerent wayward soul or about a warmongering maniac, but it is the story of every individual who has seen life in its true colors – demanding, trying and testing him all the darn time! What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of “Invincible” by Tool? Let us know in the comments below.

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