Is Your Existence Meaningful? Tool – Pneuma Lyrics Meaning


Tool – Pneuma Lyrics Meaning

Pneuma is the second track from Tool’s debut album “Fear Inoculum”. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of Pneuma by Tool.

The song is produced by Joe Barresi.


The meaning of “Pneuma” can actually differ contextually. It is an ancient Greek word for “breath”. On the other hand, it is either “spirit” or “soul” in a religious context.

The song tries to tell us that the physical form of human body is not enough to live a life. In order to truly live our lives, we should take care of our “Pneuma”, i.e. spirit or soul.

Pneuma Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of Pneuma by Tool section-wise.

[Verse 1]

In the first verse, Tool wants us to forget our current lifestyle so as to truly understand the meaning of the song.

We, human beings, are spirits trapped inside flesh that is too weak to hold us forever. The two stages in human lives are the most fragile ones, childhood, and late adulthood.

We feel like we have everything figured out for us in our life when we are young. Everyone gets infatuated by the idea of accumulating a lot of materialistic possessions.

In the process, people forget about their spiritual health. Then, they pass away with regrets and remorse.


A human mind is made up of two natural dogmas. It is designed to be very unconscious all the time.

There is a constant battle between our will and our wonder. We forget even the most important things sometimes. But the miracle is, we recall them sooner or later.

A human brain is designed to be very vulnerable.

We are alive only because we chose to take our first breath as soon as we came out to this earth from our mother’s womb.

Everyone on earth is a product of a spark from the Sun who is trying to become a whole Sun.

[Verse 2]

The second verse calls its listeners a child. The song urges us to wake up and live the reality, see the reality and feel the reality.

We ought to leave the idea of possessions for a moment and treat everyone around us the same.

As human beings, we must think differently. It is possible for us because our human brain is too fragile on itself. It forgets and remembers things in its own pace.

The artists want us to release the light of the truth that people have been seeking.

We are nothing more than soul trapped inside the flesh.

[Verse 3]

People should never forget that we all are human beings from the core. We shouldn’t disguise ourselves as being someone who is not us.

This is similar to the concept behind “Third Eye”.

According to Genius Lyrics, opening your third eye allows one to see beyond this earthly existence, and waking up.

Releasing the light means roughly the same thing.


In the outro, the artists are telling our inner self, our soul and our spirit to reach out to seek the truth.

We’ve been lied to by teaching us about all the earthly possessions.

Now, it is time to wake up and remember that we are born off of a single breath we took.

It is time to let go of all the hard feelings and negativities and relive your life with the truth.


What do you think about the lyrics behind “Pneuma” by Tool?

Is your existence meaningful?

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Read more about the meaning behind the lyrics of “Pneuma” by Tool on Genius in detail.

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