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Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd – Lost in the Fire Lyrics Meaning

Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd – Lost in the Fire Lyrics Meaning

The meaning behind the lyrics of the song Lost in the Fire by Gesaffelstein and The Weeknd is pretty straightforward. ‘Lost in the Fire’ is the third collaboration of Gesaffelstein and The Weeknd. They have collaborated before on two tracks from The Weeknd’s EP, ‘My Dear Melancholy’. Lost in the Fire is explained in detail below.

[Verse 1, Part I]

The weeknd wishes to make love with his lover with the lights on. He wants to see the movement, as well as, observe the emotions and passion. Even though the singer is used to having sex with a number of girls, he believes the body of his lover is too expensive to even have a price.

[Verse 1, Part II]

The weeknd wants to have a baby with his current lover, Bella Hadid. He is willing to remove the protection so that he will be able to have his baby with her. The singer throws shade at his Canadian friend, Drake, saying he could never be the guy to hide a kid from the world. Pusha T’s “The Story of Adidon” clearly said that Drake is hiding a child and The Weeknd says he could never do that.


The Weeknd says he and his lover have had a very rocky relationship. They were seen together for a while and then they weren’t together the next time. It took almost a year for him to find out that he cannot lose his current lover.


The chorus basically has a range of emotions which shows the level of The Weeknd’s commitment for his current lover.

[Verse 2, Part I]

The Weeknd says he is tired of being home alone. Now that he is in a relationship, he cannot have other partners to hang out with. The Weeknd reveals that he became extremely sad when his lover came out as a bisexual to him. However, the singer still wants her to stay with him.

[Verse 2, Part II]

The Weeknd talks about possible threesome as his lover came out as a bisexual. When his lover brings a girl to have fun with, The Weeknd will have fun with his lover and only her at the same time.






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