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What Is Conan Gray ‘Maniac’ Lyrics Meaning All About?


Conan Gray – Maniac Lyrics Meaning

This track was initially taunted by Conan over a Tweet when he indicated that ‘Maniac’ is his dearest track from his debut record. The song’s title was also taunted with a very secretive Twitter seam, breaking down a single letter at a given time with the odds to let his lovers think about the title and wonder what it is. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Maniac’ by Conan Gray.

Introduction: Maniac Lyrics Conan Gray

This bubbling sleeping room pop smash is about people who radiate a series of false tales. Also, specifically, the song was written after receiving a midnight alcoholic weeping passage from an ex-partner. In the music tape of the song, Conan and Jess are on the goal to fight off Jess’s ex-partners, the real maniacs, who have just emerged from their tomb. This concept really took off for Conan and the song is straight up a smash hit.

Maniac Lyrics Meaning Conan Gray

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the smash hit song ‘Maniac’ by Conan Gray section-wise. I’ll explain this article in terms of Conan Gray’s feelings.

[Intro/ Post-Chorus/ Bridge]

These sections of the song highlight the craziness that comes along with ending a relationship with a partner that took you for granted. The flame that they had in their relationship was destroyed by the other person by essentially making him feel powerless. Conan doesn’t like the insecurity of his ex coming at him. The singer wants his ex to contemplate the texts he’s been sent and see him being pathetic for not able to have him.

[Verse 1]

His ex was out partying with booze and smoke after dumping him. Conan was told that he was better off dead as per the sentiments of the song. But now his ex shows up in front of his house with roses and a ton of apologies. Conan finds this a joke and doesn’t like seeing stalking him around his own house. His ex should have thought that his days of begging for forgiveness will come back.

[Pre-Chorus/ Chorus]

Conan understands that people want what they can’t have. Now that he’s moved past the abuse of his ex, he feels much better without him. He doesn’t want him to be around him. Now, he wants his ex to go back to his friends and say bad things about him just like he used to. His ex was used to calling him a psychopath, a joke, and a stalker. How the tables have turned for his ex to go through the exact same route?

[Verse 2]

The story doesn’t end in peace. After the party was over, his ex was drunk texting while driving and he essentially wrecked the car. His ex was calling him crying out loud in the night begging for the second chance. But Conan felt bad for the guy and he went back to his place to wipe off the tears from his eyes. When he was trying to give closure to his ex, his ex begged him to stay and not simply leave.

Conclusion: Maniac Meaning Conan Gray

This song was released at a precise moment for me. The things were getting really odd and illogical, and although it may look dumb on the surface, this track truly made me understand relaxed cause I got my answers. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Maniac’ by Conan Gray? Let us know in the comments section below.

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