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Drake & 21 Savage’s “Spin Bout U” Lyrics Meaning

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Drake & 21 Savage – Spin Bout U Lyrics Meaning

“Spin Bout U” lyrics, written by Drake, 21 Savage, and the team, is the song released on the 4th of November, 2022. It is the sixth song from the 2022 collaboration album by Drake & 21 Savage, Her Loss. The meaning of the song “Spin Bout U” lyrics by Drake & 21 Savage is on Roe v. Wade and how unattractive people are governing a woman’s body. In 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which set the constitutional freedom to abortion in the United States in 1973.

Embedded below is the Official Audio of the “Spin Bout U” song by Drake & 21 Savage from YouTube. Read the rest of the article while the music plays in the background.

Official Audio of “Spin Bout U” by Drake & 21 Savage

“Spin Bout U” Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of “Spin Bout U” by Drake & 21 Savage talk about abortion rights and how Roe v. Wade got overturned. In his verse, 21 Savage gives a shoutout to “Crew Love” by Drake, written by The Weeknd. Drake is loved by his fans for his pro-choice stance. He is known in the music industry as one of the charming rappers and the song proves it. The line-by-line analysis of the meaning of the lyrics behind the song “Spin Bout U” by Drake & 21 Savage is below:

“Spin Bout U” by Drake & 21 Savage means the rappers are willing to spin around their romantic interests to show their love and support.

[Intro/ Chorus/ Outro: 21 Savage, Drake]

You gotta …’ feel this …, boy

Intro to “Spin Bout U” Lyrics by Drake & 21 Savage

The way you make me feel thеse days
Somethin’ gettin’ dropped for you, baby girl
Smoke a … top for you, baby girl
Burn somebody block for you
The way you make me feel these days
Comin’ out my body for you, baby girl
Wipe him like he snotty for you, baby girl
Comin’ out my body for you

Chorus to “Spin Bout U” Lyrics by Drake & 21 Savage

Want ya, I want-want ya
Oh, your lovin’ so deep (Feelin’ so deep)
Want ya, I want-want ya
Give me your lovin’ (Feelin’ so deep)

Outro to “Spin Bout U” Lyrics by Drake & 21 Savage


The intro and outro of “Spin Bout U” lyrics by Drake & 21 Savage express romantic interests in their loved ones. In the outro, the rappers are complimenting how the love of their respective partners is so deep. The chorus section talks about all the things the rappers are willing to do to impress their partners. It is well-known that rappers drop songs dedicated to their loved ones. They would go to an extent of destroying something if that would impress their romantic interests.

[Verse 1: 21 Savage]

I got feelings for you
Hope you ain’t lovin’ the crew
How many bodies you got?
Pray it ain’t more than a few
Know that you dealt with some lames
When you was young and in school
He had to pop … cherry
But I got it wet like a pool
She got a new G-Wag’
She wanna hit Highlight Room and show it off
Got a new body, girl, show it off
This a Brazilian, I know it’s soft
Toned up and she got a six-pack
Look like she used to play volleyball
American Express, you can have it all
Code to the safe, you can have it all
… your main page, what’s your Finsta? I wanna know the real you
You started dancin’ to pay your tuition, girl, I wanna know what you been through
You want a boutique or you wanna sell hair, just let me know what you into
If you out in public and he want your number, just tеll him, “My …’ll spin you”

Verse 1 to “Spin Bout U” Lyrics by Drake & 21 Savage


21 Savage gives a shoutout to “Crew Love” by Drake and The Weeknd in the first verse of “Spin Bout U” lyrics. He goes as far as to ask the body count of his romantic interest, this is sick. “loving the crew” means to love multiple people at once. 21 Savage acknowledges that his romantic interest has dealt with unpleasant partners. Then, he shows off his wealth in the form of cars, credit cards, a password-protected house (safe), etc. “Finsta” means close friends group on social media.

[Verse 2: Drake]

Damn, just turned on the news and seen that men who never got … in school
Are makin’ laws about what women can do
I gotta protect ya, I’m a made man, tied in, all the way, baby
So I gotta respect ya
… put hands on you in the past, insecure because your body is pressure
Four words when I think about them is crusty, musty, dusty, rusty
Eight words when I think about us is … me, … me, … me, … me
Disrespect ya and I’ll smack ’em
The texts that you send in captions
The videos we got ever leak, we goin’ viral or goin’ platinum
Don’t worry ’bout your friend’s story when I had her alone
She gon’ try and put some extras on it, take you out of your zone
You know how it goes when they can’t get a reservation up in Carbone
They gon’ tell you it’s a chill night, tell you how they’d rather stay home, yeah
Jealous-… ,,,, yeah
And I know what I said ’bout bein’ in Vogue
But just like that R&B group from the ’90s
Girl, one call, I’ll get you in Vogue
One call, you in runway shows
One call, I’m sittin’ front row
One wrong call from your ex … sayin’ dumb shit’ll get him sent home
One call and my … ten toes
Down to go wherever I say go
Even if we gotta travel ‘cross the globe
Down to take you to the end of the road, for real

Verse 2 to “Spin Bout U” Lyrics by Drake & 21 Savage


In the second verse of “Spin Bout U” lyrics, Drake drops his iconic bar revealing his pro-choice stance on abortion. Despite this being the highlight of the song, Drake also mentions his comment on how he said only a Vogue cover can give someone the credibility of being a model in the song “Jimmy Cooks”. Then, he shows off his contacts and his massive influence on how he can get someone on the Vogue cover.

Conclusion: “Spin Bout U” Meaning Drake

“Spin Bout U” lyrics by Drake & 21 Savage mean to show Drake’s pro-choice stance on a woman’s body and abortion rights. But the song talks about many other things such as the romantic lines and bars, their influence, and their desires in a raw form. The rappers don’t shy away from telling their preferences in the song.

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