Is ‘U Say’ the Best Single By Goldlink? U Say Lyrics Review ft. Tyler, the Creator & Jay Prince

Is ‘U Say’ the Best Single By Goldlink? U Say Lyrics Review ft. Tyler, the Creator & Jay Prince

Goldlink ft. Tyler, The Creator & Jay Prince – U Say Lyrics Review

‘U Say’ is a brand new track from non-other than Goldlink. He seems to have come back with a pretty exciting single featuring Tyler, the Creator, and Jay Prince. The cover art is a piece of sleek and sexy cover art attached to the song. Let’s review the lyrics of the song ‘U Say’ by Goldlink featuring Tyler, the Creator, and Jay Prince.


‘U Say’ serves as the third single to Goldlink’s album ‘DIASPORA’. Tyler featuring on this track gives another spectrum to look at the contents of IGOR. According to Genius Lyrics, Tyler and Goldlink trade bars about their escapades with women. The track features a string-heavy instrumental with some tropical percussion. Let’s listen to the song ‘U SAY’ by Goldlink ft. Tyler, the Creator & Jay Prince for the review.

[Verse 1: GoldLink]

Let’s review the lyrics in the first verse of ‘U Say’ by Goldlink.

Part I

Push out your back, put ya butt in it
Wanna love you, but I do not wanna commit
So I dance with ya with the thought of us fuckin’
We dancin’ up in the corner, feelin’ for the corner pockets

In the first part of the first verse, Goldlink makes it very clear that he is looking for a friend with benefits relationship only. If he dances with someone, it’s not because he loves her but because he wants to indulge in a sexual relationship.

Part II

Push up your bra to the left, that’s right
Now we in a car with a broke brake light
Thinkin’ ’bout the ass, the legs, the head, the sex
The whip, the figure-four leg lock, then we dip out

Goldlink is creating a different world in his mind while making the girl feel better simultaneously. In his mind, he wants the girl to work for his sexual favor. He is constantly thinking about the legs, the head, and all other kinky stuff.

[Verse 2: Tyler, The Creator & Jay Prince]

Part I

Ayo, your boyfriend pissed off, smackin’ his lips off
The fact my lips are covered in your lip gloss
I say we should dip off out of here
Talk, speak, share some words, grab a ear

Tyler joins Goldlink to tell us his way of having fun. He mentions the romantic intersection between his dry lips and her glossed lips. The continuation of a sexy conversation expressing each other’s romantic interests is mentioned explicitly.

Part II

You sweatin’ drips upon my sweater (My sweater)
It’s hot in here, the outside’s better (Yeah)
I’m leavin’, leavin’, you call me back, it’s like emotions recedin’
Let’s call it a evenin’, it’s gettin’ desperate, yeah

Now that they are out from the date, they are off to their locations. However, the final hug is transferring her sweat on to Tyler’s sweater. However, he is not interested in the concept of date and all the romantic disciplines. His only motive is sex and at this point, he is getting desperate.


  • Opinion I

I think I can definitely say ‘U Say’ is one of the better singles that Goldlink has ever come out with. It’s worth respecting the fact that Goldlink is one of the few artists that’s been continually hitting on the idea of finding and riding through the intersection of hip-hop and house music. It is a piece of glamorous sounding dance music in general.

  • Opinion II

However, I do have a few issues with the track. In this Goldlink song, I’m most underwhelmed by Goldlink’s vocal delivery itself even though his flow sounds on point. There is a kind of mumbly and obscure kind of vocal delivery from Goldlink’s side. The lyrics, however, don’t seem to compliment the song all along.

  • Opinion III

Tyler’s feature, however, sounds very crisp, clean and intelligible. But there wasn’t much of a bright sound part to Goldlink’s voice on this track. However, I must say I really like the vibe of the song due to the fact that Goldlink’s voice sounds really lost into the instrumentals.


  • Opinion I

Goldlink is certainly getting better at it. There are progressive instrumental along with smooth grooves in the track. The Jay Prince hook is fantastic. The Tyler feature is smooth and slick and sexy as hell. The whole love triangle aspect of the narrative in the song is funny.

  • Opinion II

The ending as well reach a point where the instrumental continues and plays us out of the song inconclusively. However, the instrumental is pretty good.

Personal Opinion

I give ‘U Say’ by Goldlink ft. Tyler, The Creator and Jay Prince a light 06/10 in the Lyrics Review category. We are coming close to Goldlink blowing us away by his song.

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