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Hidden Details In The Weeknd ‘Until I Bleed Out’ Lyrics Meaning


The Weeknd – Until I Bleed Out Lyrics Meaning

Since we have bullied Abel for his stage name, The Weeknd, he never drops music videos during the weekdays. But when he does, I live with no lies. That’s my favorite kind of night. Anyway, moving on to what you are here for today, Abel is dropping a music video for the song. But what does the song mean? Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Until I Bleed Out’ by The Weeknd, only at Laviasco, and find out the hidden elements of the song.

Introduction: Until I Bleed Out Lyrics

The lyrics for “Until I Bleed Out” depicts the climax of the mission of The Weeknd in his latest album, After Hours, with the ending of the album depicting Abel’s physique doesn’t have enough amount essential components. He has provided every latter ounce of endeavor and sentiment he can to the attempts he has gone through the circuit of the album’s tracklisting. This is putting him incapable to resist and move closer to his affair that he often speaks of.

Until I Bleed Out Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Until I Bleed Out’ by The Weeknd section-wise, exclusively at Laviasco. Laviasco is the only place where you find genuinely convincing lyrics meaning for most of your favorite songs.


The intro of ‘Until I Bleed Out’ lays the bizarre tone “I’m so paralyzed.” It is at this significant juncture where Abel feels like lamenting for his litigations. Ironically, through his entire discography, he brags about surviving to deal with narcotics with comfort. Our Starboy cannot understand why he’s stunned since this is the only moment he believes he is doing narcotics on the brink of his own demise.

All he yearns for at the moment is to be fresh any recollection of his lovers. At the climax of ‘Until I Bleed Out’ it appears entire loop with the line “I keep telling myself I don’t need it anymore” which could suggest at the truth that The Weeknd will resist going back to narcotics and his former manners of being Heartless while enjoying the Blinding Lights of Las Vegas.

[Pre-Chorus/ Chorus]

In these sections of ‘Until I Bleed Out’, The Weeknd discusses his longing to be fresh from both narcotics and his past lovers. He wishes to be knocked down instead of hunting for the hazardous euphorias of narcotics. Yet, the personification of narcotics to his partners is a normal principle in since day one of Abel clearly mentioned in the song ‘Initiation’. Therefore, he drops a hint to the notion of not being committed as well, as he aspires to be independent.


In the outro for ‘Until I Bleed Out’, The Weeknd struggles to assure himself that he doesn’t require the narcotics or affection, but eventually understands that he can’t breathe pleasing energy without them. When the record is played again instantly, later, it is obvious that there is a sequence. Abel can attempt to remain distant from his habits, but as he notices how isolated his existence is, he tumbles into his obsolete manners of narcotics, pleasure and yearning for something a little more.

Conclusion: Until I Bleed Out Meaning

He’s abstained on craving, catching up, the appetite for many genuine meanings. The Weeknd stresses on ‘Until I Bleed Out’ and discomfort catches up with him, he can’t resist seeking the heavenly experiences with a facade of affection and narcotics. As much as he would love to freshen up, his existence will nonetheless be vacant, with or without narcotics, or affection. It’s an unhappy progression hiding behind luminous glow and synths.

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