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Why Is The Weeknd ‘Snowchild’ Lyrics Meaning Expressing His Ambition?


The Weeknd – Snowchild Lyrics Meaning

What did The Weeknd say when he wanted to use washroom but he was with Bella Hadid? “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you, but I love it.” Moving forward from this corny joke, The Weeknd has released his highly anticipated fourth studio record, After Hours, last weekend. Throughout the bunch of songs, ‘Snowchild’ in particular intrigued me just a little more. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Snowchild’ by The Weeknd where he shows his ambitions.

Introduction: Snowchild Lyrics

This song “Snowchild” accentuates Abel staring back at his yore, dealing with his quick come-up to success and former guilt such as narcotics and partners that liked him as he set off towards the path of success. The title of the track includes “snow,” which is a narcotics reference. He is remotely solidifying the commentary in the song about The Weeknd’s well-known playfully ridden history.

Snowchild Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Snowchild’ by The Weeknd section-wise to see what the obvious pun is all about.

[Verse 1]

It is a pretty well-known fact that The Weeknd has had a rough childhood. In this relatively straightforward poetic verse, The Weeknd asserts that he was used to involving in hard works to motivate himself to walk in the path of pursuing his “big dreams.” He would have to hurt himself just in case he wasn’t a successful person motivated him, even more, to follow his dream and work super hard for his future.

Our Starboy gives a shout out to the people he rose up with and claims, that they all are accountable for his as well as the success of the whole group. He further reveals that he nonetheless latches with the people who were by his side from day one and did not alter his business counterparts and pals due to his massive accomplishment.

Growing up in a cold city like Toronto while being homeless at the same time gives The Weeknd a different kind of confidence when it comes to being by the side of the people that never went behind his back. Even when his boys were locked up, The Weeknd supported their families without fearing that his boys would stitch on him which shows that he isn’t the “heartless” person that he thinks he is.

[Chorus/ Bridge]

Now that the singer has everything he had ever wanted in his life, he is taking a step back from his ambitions to actually live a peaceful life back in his hometown of Toronto. Despite having a $25 Million property in Beverly Hills, he barely gets to spend his time in his house. In the Bridge section, The Weeknd addresses biphobia that came up from the song ‘Lost In The Fire’ by saying new allegations against him are thrown every month but he has nothing against bisexual people.

[Verse 2]

This section is really where The Weeknd talks about giving the world an iconic American science fiction writer. He is using the pun of giving futuristic pleasure like Philip K. It’s kind of smart though. Abel gives a shoutout to artists like Eminem, Jay Z, Swae Lee, etc. who have worked with him. The second verse demonstrates how The Weeknd opposes himself. This might entrench from a huge issue of self-love but The Weeknd is frequently observed as vocalizing about wealth and earthly things but on a serious note, he is only seeking love.

Conclusion: Snowchild Meaning

The Weeknd is one of the many examples of no matter what situation life throws at your way, you’ve got to stand up for yourself and move forward like never before. You shouldn’t settle for less and you should try your best to achieve the goals you have at all times. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Snowchild’ by The Weeknd? Let us know in the comments section below. Take a look at the top five songs from Trilogy by The Weeknd as well.

Here is the official music video for ‘Snowchild’ by The Weeknd.

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